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An EMDR place to call home.


We are a global network of EMDR professionals and AIP paraprofessionals that provides broader access to excellence in recognition, verified certification, and research to the nations.


EMDR Global Network seeks to provide mutual global recognition, credentialing, verification, and international standing for multicultural EMDR clinicians, and paraprofessionals involved in Adaptive Information Processing (AIP)/ trauma interventions within their own latticework of beliefs, values and mission to the world.

  • We are different, but united in value—free to disagree, but respectfully agree to disagree. 
  • We are diverse in our gifts and calling, yet one in serving everyone in their struggle to recover and heal from trauma. 
  • Our decisions and actions. are governed by the timeless human principles of honesty, transparency, integrity, care and compassion for others.
EMDR Global Network offers a truly global place of networking professionals with international connections of mutual recognition and cooperation.

Here you will find:

  • Verification levels that offer recognition for a variety of merited standards
  • Consultation/Supervision tracks that enable practitioners to enhance their knowledge and practice
  • A clinical directory listing professionals and certified practitioners, consultants and paraprofessionals from around the world all in one place!
  • Recognition for different gifts and skills with their respective verification. 
  • A network of trained paraprofessionals involved in the multiplication of trauma-inspired healing resources.
  • International networking, sharing and mentoring. 

Come and join us on this journey of growth, development and exchange!

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Making Global Connections


Find the membership option that best fits your professional, paraprofessional, or organizational needs and experience.


Become an EMDR Verified Psychotherapist after Basic Training. EGNw has additional distinctions after initial verification.

Consultant Track

For EMDR Verified, Senior, and Master Psychotherapists interested in improving the quality of therapy practice through consultation.

Basic Training Referrals

EGNw does not provide training, but offers a list of referral options for psychotherapists interested in becoming trained in EMDR. 

An EMDR place to call home.