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Being verified in EMDR certifies that you have completed an EMDR training, and pursued advanced clinical training. Consultation and completed client hours are required to demonstrate competency as an EMDR psychotherapist or consultant/supervisor. This competency gives clients and other therapists a greater assurance that an EMDR professional has proper experience in the EMDR training and consultation/supervision processes. Verified certification may also increase the likelihood of being approved by a closed insurance panel as well as receiving a greater number of referrals..

So glad you asked that! It does indeed! As a global organization, a common set of standards can be accepted internationally, leading to mutual recognition by many EMDR organizations. It is the vision and mission of EGNw to offer access to standardized certification worldwide to those who are interested in showing a pattern of excellence in practice.

Any qualified professional can become a member of EGNw. We acknowledge that one of the international membership limitations has been the fact that individuals can only belong to their national association (EMDR Mexico, EMDR Spain, EMDR Germany, etc.). Some countries do not even have a functioning national organization at all. So EGNw provides a forum for anyone anywhere who fulfills the professional requirements and standards to be a part of the global EMDR community.

Not at this time. Each is an independent organization, with their own membership, standards and requirements, although some requirements are similar since all seek to maintain high standards of professional EMDR practice. However, EGNw does give full recognition to all EMDRIA credentials. See our equivalency categories: EMDR Verified/Certified Psychotherapist or EMDR Verified/Certified Consultant/Supervisor.

EGNw offers an equivalency option if you are currently certified with another organization. All you need is to upload your documentation in order to be certified/verified with EGNw. Access the verification page for more...

EGNw offers an equivalency option, if you are currently an approved/accredited consultant/supervisor with another professional organization. You will need to upload the proper documentation to be certified/verified with EGNw. Access the consultation page for more...

Membership provides an opportunity for international certification and recognition to EMDR psychotherapists, consultants/supervisors, trainers and all those interested in training or advancing their skills, as well as networking with a growing  professional EMDR and AIP paraprofessional community at accessible costs. It also offers access to resources as well as professional events and seminars at a member discount.

EGNw does not offer basic training but it does offer international recognition for those organizations interested in verification/certification and who offer such services.

EGNw does not directly offer humantarian programs, however we are deeply committed to expanding EMDR/AIP treatment, training and access to all who seek it. We refer to other organizations and agencies as well as offer membership and resources at discounted costs for those with proven income limitations.

EGNw requires a minimum of 12 hours of continuing education credits in the previous 2 years in order to renew or maintain membership. This can be accomplished by attending refresher courses or advanced trainings in EMDR therapy, online or in person.

To renew membership, please provide a letter of explanation about how you have been involved in ongoing efforts with AIP/EMDR low-intensity interventions.

Globally, there are many established organizations in the greater EMDR community! For this reason, we recognize most professional EMDR organizations who provide EMDR certification programs (eg., AIBAPT, EMDR Africa, EMDR ALAC, EMDR Asia,  EMDR América Latina, EMDR Canada, EMDR Europe, EMDR Iberoamerica, EMDRAA, EMDRIA, Trauma Clinic, etc.). If you are unsure about your specific certifying organization, please reach out to us on this link.

Globally, there are many well-trained and knowledgable EMDR psychotherapists and organizations in the greater EMDR community! For this reason, we recognize most professional EMDR organizations and EMDR verified/certified psychotherapists who provide EMDR advanced clinical training programs..  If you are unsure about your specific CEU provider, please reach out to us on this link.

You can email EMDR Global Network here.

With the EGNw structure, these terms are used interchangeably. In some countries outside North America, the title of supervisor is utilized to acknowledge those providing EMDR consultation to trainees and those pursuing verification. In North America, the relationship of a supervisor in this context holds bearing on legal licensing in a state or region, therefore the title consultant is used.

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