EMDR Verified  Consultant Equivalency

Verified EMDR Consultant Equivalency

The first step to becoming a EMDR Verified Consultant is to become an EMDR Verified Psychotherapist. An EGNw EMDR Verified Consultant has completed advanced clinical training and additional clinical case consultation hours, where their consultation work has been observed.

Proof via documentation will be needed for upload prior to beginning the certification process.

  • Proof of EGNw Professional Membership
  • Verification of EGNw Verified EMDR Psychotherapist
  • Proof of Licensure as a Mental Health Professional
  • Certificate of Approved/Accredited Certificate as a Consultant from an official organization
  • Pay the equivalency fee

To Maintain you EGNw EMDR Verified Consultant Status:

  • Maintain current memberships with EGNw
  • Maintain mental health license or equivalent in your state/country
  • Proof of 12 (twelve) EMDR/AIP Advanced Credits every two years
  • Not have received proven ethical complaints of misconduct. 

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