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EMDR Global Network


EMDR Global Network is a global EMDR/AIP organization that provides mutual recognition, credentialing, verification (certification) and international standing for multicultural clinicians and paraprofessionals involved in a variety of modalities of trauma intervention. We adhere to the Adaptive Information Processing Model as developed and researched by Francine Shapiro, PhD.


EMDR Global Network was formed by a small international group of EMDR therapists and trainers who saw the need for an international home, where professionals and paraprofessionals involved in EMDR/AIP therapy and interventions could be acknowledged, verified (certified) and respected within their own multicultural latticework of beliefs, values, and mission to provide trauma care to the world.


EMDR Global Network emerges as a solution to the new global realities brought on in part by the COVID-19 pandemic. A small team of international EMDR professionals banded together to provide a truly international home that would respect more than one specific culture and its values with excellence and a commitment to professional distinction.

Relational Ethics

Though we may differ in many ways, we are united in our shared values--we are free to express differing opinions, we  treat one another with respect. Our diverse abilities and talents are joined together in the service of helping others heal from trauma with outcomes determined by the client. We are guided by the timeless human principles of honesty, openness, reliability, kindness, and empathy.

An EMDR place to call home.