Professional Associate Member

1 year renewal

Professional Associate Member Benefits

Associate Members are those psychotherapists who are starting their EMDR journey, but have not completed basic EMDR training. An Associate Member can become a Full Professional Member once their basic training is completed. We support the efforts of those who are learning these skills by walking alongside them as they seek to complete their initial training.

  • International recognition and certification for ongoing studies and preparation 
  • Networking around the world with access to an international referral system 
  • Low cost annual membership, easy online renewal 
  • Professional associate member support documents are housed right in your own profile for direct access 
  • EGNw Network News updates through the EGNw Online Blog/Email blasts
  • Practical resources available to EGNw members 
  • Networking opportunities for topics of interest via EGNw online communities 
  • Consultant communities for professional growth and excellence in our EMDR craft 
  • Professional development through seminars and workshop via EGNw recognized organizations and institutes. 
  • Discounts on: Membership Renewals, Seminars, Conferences and recognized On-Demand Education Courses.

1 year renewal

Professional Associate Member Renewal

Thank you for renewing your membership as we network globally to promote healing in a hurting world.

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