EMDR Master Psychotherapist

2 year renewal

How do I become an EMDR Master Psychotherapist?

Be an EMDR Senior Psychotherapist trained by an institution recognized by EGNw and with a recognized EMDR certificate can apply to become an EMDR Master Psychotherapist. 

Proof via documentation will be needed for upload prior to beginning the certification process.

  • Be a EGNw Senior Psychotherapist for 3 years
  • Have a minimum of 10 (ten) years working in EMDR Therapy
  • Documentation of 10 hours of participation in a global peer consultation group with Senior and/or EMDR Master Psychotherapists
  • Proof of 1000 (one thousand) additional clinical sessions
  • Transcription/recording of one EMDR session with a specialty focus that they have developed, with explanations of the case history and management
  • Develop and present an advanced or paraprofessional workshop with your specialty focus, preferably with at least one other peer professional
  • Continued work 20 hours of volunteerism or program/workshop development to help either expand EMDR and AIP informed interventions accessible in your own country or abroad – this can include training, helping NGO’s, etc    
  • Declaration/Proof of 12 (twelve) Advanced Credits recognized by EGNw taken in the last two years
  • Pay the Master Psychotherapist fee

To Maintain Certification:

  • Keep verification up to date with EGNw
  • Maintain mental health practitioner licensure or equivalent in your country
  • Declaration/Proof of 12 (twelve) Advanced Credits in the past 2 (two) years
  • Maintain licensure ethics, including the absence of proven ethical complaints of misconduct

2 year renewal

Master EMDR Psychotherapist RENEWAL

The following are required for upload to renew your Master EMDR Psychotherapist verification.

  • Proof of EGNw Membership 
  • Proof EGNw Master EMDR Psychotherapist Certificate 
  • Proof of 12 credits in Advanced Courses (CEU’s)  
  • Maintain licensure ethics, including the absence of proven ethical complaints of misconduct

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