EMDR Verified Psychotherapist

2 year renewal

Become an EMDR Verified Psychotherapist

If you currently have active EMDR Verification/Certification status with an EMDR Professional Organization, you qualify for our EMDR Verified Psychotherapist Equivalency option. Equivalency LINK

An EMDR Verified Psychotherapist is a Professional Member who has completed additional advanced clinical training and consultation in the application of EMDR therapy, beyond Basic EMDR Training. 

To apply to become an EMDR Verified Psychotherapist, you must have completed EMDR Basic Training by an approved trainer/organization and upload documentation that supports completion of the following:

Proof via documentation will be needed for upload to begin the verification process.

  • Maintain valid membership with EGNw
  • Verified completion of EMDR Basic Training
  • Twenty (20) hours of group (max 8 group participants) or individual consultation hours
    Consultation Requirements: 
    *Consultation must be completed within the past 5 years from a maximum of 4 consultants.
    *Only consultation received after completion of an approved EMDR Basic Training program can be applied towards this requirement.
    *Supporting documentation required for each consultation hour from each Verified Consultant or by an EGNw approved consultant
  • Proof of 12 Advanced Courses credits (CEU’s) recognized by EGNw completed within the last two years
  • 50 client sessions after EMDR basic training
  • Two letters of recommendation signed by colleagues who attest to the integrity of your practice and professional ethics
  • A letter of recommendation stating completion of requirements to be verified in EMDR. [see Verified Psychotherapist Packet]
  • Valid licensure as a mental health professional
  • No professional misconduct
2 year renewal

Verified EMDR Psychotherapist Renewal

  • Maintain valid membership with EGNw
  • 12 CEU hours of advanced training from an EGNw approved list of providers
  • Payment of renewal fee

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